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Form 3 - Form 6

The Junior School is a place that encourages discussion, involvement and excitement. Classrooms are not quiet, static places but rather are places filled with people who are actively involved in the learning process.

At this stage students require a range of courses to stimulate their intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs. To cater to individual student excellence, we provide an age specific academic requirement and brilliant faculty- student ratio.

Whenever and wherever we can, we offer a field trip or invite a speaker to visit. We promote cross-curricular and cross-grade activities. These enriching outings and activities are always directly related to classroom learning and to the curriculum.

We believe that children learn in many ways – accordingly, our teachers provide approaches to learning that suit the needs of all their students. We strive to see the best in each child, always building on his or her strengths and supporting him or her through periods of struggle. This creates a school experience that is unique, rewarding and successful for each child.

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From Form III to VI, our students do much more than learn; they play sports, join clubs and make friends. These young students need encouragement, support and excitement as they discover more about themselves and the community around them. Assemblies, holiday celebrations and school-wide service initiatives bring students together across all grades. By Form VI, students are school leaders, buddying up with junior students to do fun projects and setting positive examples for their younger counterparts.

The Olive Junior: Student Life


The Junior School provides challenging programs for all students. The programs are not accelerated; they are enriched. By providing an interesting variety of subjects for all children, our students are exposed to a rich learning experience.

Forms III, IV, V and VI are a time of great transition as children start to take a more active role in their education. At the Junior school level, teachers prepare students to be independent, enthusiastic learners as well as for their transition to High School in Form VII.

Students have a mother teacher who teaches the core subjects of Languages, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Computer Skills. Subjects are integrated wherever possible, so that students come to see relationships between the disciplines.

For all grades, the mother teacher coordinates students’ homework assignments and acts as the main contact for parents.


Our Form III - VI teachers use multiple strategies to develop and enhance reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students learn to communicate effectively in written, spoken and visual forms. These skills are woven into and applied throughout the core subjects on a daily basis.


Students challenge themselves through problem-solving activities provided in the  NCERT curriculum guidelines. Students work with concrete materials to develop the mathematical concepts and discuss these concepts in class. Real-life application of math skills is reinforced regularly in our daily lessons.


Through an inquiry approach, students learn lab procedures and the scientific process. Through class discussions, group projects, hands-on activities and scientific research, students contribute to and participate in class. Connections to other disciplines are made at every opportunity.


In Social Studies, students learn research skills and how to apply these skills in a variety of areas. All projects and related assignments are frequently completed at school in order to emphasize the learning process. The course helps children to become curious about the country and the world; to want to explore and to contribute to the community.


Learning computer skills is mandatory for all the students of Junior school. Children use it as a tool to write their assignments and build projects of the mainstream subjects. There is well defined computer curriculum for each of the levels which is applied across the subjects during the school year.


Social and emotional development play as large a role in success as academic achievement. Through weekly assemblies and a dedicated class, students develop basic life skills. Learning to make good choices, set goals and anticipate the future helps students become well-rounded, self-aware, and balanced individuals. Value education is woven into the lessons. Regular visits by the school counselor, activities and role-playing are also used regularly.

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