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Planting Plants


Shoes Covered in Color Powder


Every Olive student enjoys a rich educational experience, in and out of the classroom.

Students have endless opportunities to fulfill their academic, creative and athletic potential through stimulating classes and comprehensive arts and sports programs. Our supportive, diverse environment helps every student feel valued. 

Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills within a traditional, academically rigorous curriculum. They also get plenty of individualized attention. Classes are small, and our student-adult ratio is just 12:1. Faculty, counselors and learning specialists provide academic advising and student support. Intensive one-on-one instructional pedagogy helps students to bridge the academic gap that they bring from their previous school years.

All students develop creativity and physical fitness through participation in arts and athletics. Clubs and activities help students refine their individual talents and find ways to improve their world. Community engagement through suitable projects during the year and student connect through various organizations helps students learn from – and contribute to – their community.

To see our students and teachers in action, check out our gallery and news room.

Experience: Student Life

“Home away from Home”


The sense of community that exists in Olive’s residential life program starts with an exceptional team of dorm parents. To keep schedules and activities on track, dorm parents work with student leaders who help fellow students with everything from homesickness to homework.  

The strength and support of our boarding community allow you to grow in ways most students won’t experience until college. With the Olive family behind you, just about anything is possible.

Our residential life program helps you reach your full potential. We believe that Olive teaches during the day, but the education continues well into the night in our residential community.

We take great care to assist our students in developing:

  • Skills that support and teach effective study habits for successful life-long learning.

  • Opportunities and ability to contribute responsibly and ethically to the school, dorms, etc.

  • Skills that allow for feelings of self-worth and effectiveness as students deal with daily responsibilities and challenges.

  • Social skills that allow for positive relationships with peers and adults.

  • A knowledge base and skills that encourage positive, safe, health-protective behaviors.


National Highway 1 - 15 kms

Ambala - 35 kms 

Kurkshetra - 30 kms

Experience: Student Life


Helping students become global citizens is integral to Olive mission. With this objective in mind, we offer an array of programs that develop:

  • cultural competence;

  • awareness of global issues;

  • facility in other languages; and

  • social conscience.

We do provide an opportunity to travel abroad for weeks. Others involve travel within India and foster connections with local communities. Each of our diverse programs helps students learn to communicate across cultural boundaries. Our students remain passionate about foreign language study.

Experience: About
Planting Plants


Olive students know how to connect with others. They get involved in many communities in the classroom, on campus, in the neighborhood village communities, adjoining cities area and around the globe. This ongoing community engagement helps them discover the implication and application of the knowledge they acquire during the courses.

Our Community Engagement model prepares students to build a mutually respectful relationship with the community. At a young age, the spirit of belonging to the community leads them to grow into well rounded personalities ready to make positive contribution to nation building.  


Our classroom transactions help students to continually engage with social issues and work to make a difference, locally and globally. Learning to serve is woven into Olive’s curriculum through community involvement projects, and academic coursework supports our mission at all the levels.


Summer at Olive invites students from across the neighbouring areas to engage in an array of experiences that help them grow as scholars, artists and sports persons. Thirty  to forty percent of students participating in Summer at Olive do not attend The Olive School. Offerings span pre-kindergarten through grade 10.

Experience: Academics
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