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Let’s not think competition is either good or bad. It just is.

Sports and games are the mainstay of a child’s education at the Olive. As an important quality parameter, we believe in physical development as fundamental to a growing child’s emotional and intellectual development. Hence, a number of carefully chosen sports are central to our educational programs.

The school activity is extended by an hour every day to include a well-defined and well-structured Sports Hour when it is compulsory for every student to play one game or the other. In addition, specialized evening coaching classes are held for all the boarders, day boarders and those who show interest in participating at the state or national level tournaments.



Accuracy, control and speed characterizes the sport of shooting. The Olive is equipped with a six pulley Shooting Range built to international standards. Since its installation in February 2016, our shooters have been participating at national level.

Lawn Tennis


This racket sport has been uniquely placed in the scheme of sports program of school. A well-manicured grass court is an important and distinctive feature of the school.



Being the most popular of all games for school children in India, school has provided practice pitch for its students in its premises. For T20 tournaments, the school players are taken to bigger grounds in the neighborhood.



Interestingly, Chess is very popular among a section of Junior School and fetches the school great results in district and state tournaments every year.



This ‘less injury prone’, as it is called, is the latest facility made available to the Olive students.  The Olive Junior and High students are showing remarkable interest in the learning the game.



A racket game of physical exertion and mental concentration is very popular among girls and Junior School students at The Olive campus.

Sports Day


‘Sports for everyone’ – Athletics is the only sport which helps us achieve this mission and interestingly gets integrated with any other game that a child loves to play. We provide an in house 200 meters athletic track for every child from Toddlers to Form X for developing physical stamina.

Table Tennis


Table Tennis has been recently introduced for the benefit of boarders as a substitute to TV watching in the evenings. Of course, the game is open to some real time learners for participation in the District/State level tournaments.

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